After some stagnation and lack of content and changes, a global update of everything that was on the site came out. Now you can’t find out your personal account, all posts have got their design, and some pages have become completely unique in their appearance. Even the old buttons got a new look, and the new ones now have smooth animation.

Search now no longer displays unnecessary pages, and the speed of the site is increased on average. Some pages began to load a little slower, but for this a beautiful animation was added so that you were not so bored to look at the loading of the page. If the connection was interrupted, and further download is not possible at all – a cross button will be available, which will close the boot screen.


The appearance of posts on different devices is now also different.


The search page and 404 error page now also look unusual and convenient. Automatic moderation of comments will better protect the project from spam and inappropriate content.


The services page has also changed a lot, and looks much more modern and cooler. You can now familiarize yourself with this and many other things personally. Do not be sick, and enjoy using it.

your team of END PLAY.


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